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Activity Zone

  • Painting & Drawing
  • Trampoline
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Music
  • Roleplaying
  • Creative Learning
  • Car Racing
  • Robotics
  • Photography
  • Magic Show
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Pottery
  • Origami
  • Cycling
  • Boating / Kayaking
  • Fun Learning
  • Arts & Crafts
  • DIY Activities
Kids Fair

Children think fresh and different; their impressions of the world around are simple, clear yet powerful. Hyderabad Kids' Fair provides them an opportunity to give a colorful expression to their imagination. If your child is interested in drawing/painting or if you think that he/she has an inclination towards this activity, Hyderabad Kids' Fair is the place to be.

Kids Fair

Watch super friends Super Bheem and Mighty Raju perform on the stage. Super Bheem, the valiant super hero of the galaxies, known for his super vision, super strength and adventures he performs and Mighty Raju, the super-strong, intelligent young boy who risks his own safety while trying to do good in the world, will meet young fans and admirers. They represent the real strength of friendship.

Kids Fair

With spring loaded fasteners and well-cushioned bottom, jumping up high has never been so much fun. Children will live up to the moment at this soft adventure sport which is safe, exciting and memorable. Moreover, the set-up is installed within the premises, making it easily accessible.

Kids Fair

Bringing one of the best outdoor adventures indoors, rock climbing is an enthralling sport that will help keep children motivated and excited. Ensuring safety and fun, we hope the children aspire to reach new heights through this activity.

Kids Fair

Creativity and science will come together at the Hyderabad Kids' Fair. The coolest robots would be assembled here and it is a moment of reckoning for tech enthusiasts. Kids and families can not only watch demonstrations, but also interact and have loads of fun with robots. It becomes a full day of excitement and entertainment for kids and it’s a great chance to meet innovative robotics of all shapes and sizes. The presenters will demonstrate kid-friendly robotic concepts and real-world applications that inspire and amaze.

Kids Fair

Kids can experience the dynamic world of off-road through ATV vehicles ride along, racing demos, celebrity appearances, live music, industry media events and product giveaways at Hyderabad Kids' Fair. The demo rides on ATV vehicles at the fair lets children develop their motor skills, controlling ability and reflexes in a fun and exciting way. Kids can have a real all-terrain experience when they ride on these. It's a great opportunity for ATV lovers, as they feel that this will be something more than just a toy! With the rugged tires, monster truck-like appearance and wide handles these vehicles provide an ultimate daredevil ride.

Kids Fair

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s time for movie night at "Children Movie Camp" in Hyderabad Kids Fair. It would be a 'reel' fun for kids! We invite children and their imagination to explore new frontiers through the most exciting movies. So hold on to your popcorn & bonbons and experience enthralling movies at HITEX.

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