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Chase Tag


Game Rules:

  • Two teams compete with 4 players each.
  • Each game consists of 20 second rounds.
  • Tags count only by hand, not by foot. Foul play is strictly forbidden.
  • For each 20 second round, there is a chaser from one team and an evader from the other.
  • The player who wins a round stays on to evade in the next round, and the losing player is replaced by a teammate who chases.
  • When a player successfully evades a tag over the full 20 second round, their team scores one point.
  • The game is won by the team with the most points.
  • If a player steps off the quad, their team loses the round.
  • Activity Chase Tag
  • Team Size – 4 Per Team
  • Categories - Girl, Boy & Mix

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Click here to buy tickets